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Happy Halloween! Stories for the Wee Folk from the D.O.A. Vault

From deep in the D.O.A. kiddie book vault (I’ve kept all of my son’s kids books, except for a very few–shhh don’t tell him–that were torturous to read aloud–ack its one thing to read a great book 100 plus times, … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s Current Reading Pile

Now that I’m done with my class I can return to my nice pile of to-be-read books (in no order, except I’m three fourths of the way through Of all sad words): Of all sad words by Bill CriderHow to … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s Mystery Class Part Two: Out on the Web

Part two of the mystery class used Novelist and What do I Read Next as well as local and national sites that will help lead readers to new mystery authors. Here, in their rough hewn form, are the class notes: … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s Mystery Class Outline

By some miracle I successfully gave a mystery class last week that has taken up all my loose grey cells, thus no posts. I’m including the outline here because I think it could be easily adapted to other mystery sub-genres … Continue reading

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Skull a day keeps the boredom away

Thanks to Carol the Reader for catching Martha Stewarts show yesterday and getting the scoop on the Skull-a-day web site! Talk about D.O.A. Skeletal Heaven. They have skull t-shirts, 3-D Puzzles, Skull song and art contests, a dance contest with … Continue reading

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Law skeleton denied rights, will see the light of day no more

Ace skeleton spotter the Floating Lush submitted this sad-to-the-bone story of a happily kept Law School Skeleton who will no longer be able to gaze out the law library windows at the world below. Formerly frivolous Flexible Fred, used by … Continue reading

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D.O.A.’s Scary Booklist

From high school through college and a bit beyond, I read alot of horror stories and generally scary novels. I now read mysteries, because at some point in time, horror became pretty grisly stuff, rather than nice scary, bone-chilling, jump-out-of-your-chair … Continue reading

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Houdini Beagle!

I want this brave little dog to keep doggie D.O.A. company! What adventures they could have while the master is away. We actually had a beagle who was an escape artist, and we fondly referred to her as Houdini Dog, … Continue reading

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