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D.O.A. Recommends Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies Series CLICK TO SEE FULL CARTOON I’m not really ready to write my review, but I did do the cartoon last week and I might as well put the beginnings of the post out here. I have had an actual … Continue reading

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Foods I have eaten from Lady Crumpet

So…I am a really picky eater, no question. My husband and son are worse, though it seems impossible. I came across the list below on the oddly named site “Lady Crumpet’s Armoire. It comes with rules: 1) Copy this list … Continue reading

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Carolyn G. Hart begins a new series this fall

One of my favorite mystery authors is Carolyn G. Hart. Although I began reading mysteries with “The Body Farm” by Patricia Cornwell, I wanted to find more good authors to read once I had finished everything Cornwell had out at … Continue reading

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ALA Fake Poster Starring You!

ALA isn’t as boring as it used to be, is it? You can create this mini poster which has many uses in library promotion. Start your career in posterdom right here.

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Super D.O.A. and D.O.A. Doggie

Tis the season for superheroes! Since I dug my comics collection out of the closet this weekend, it is appropriate that I steal once more from the fascinating Librarian in Black’s blog and present Super D.O.A. I’ve loved superheroes (and … Continue reading

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D.O.A. Recommends For middle grade and up readers who can take alot of suspense and genuinely scary situations, I recommend Darkside by Tom Becker. This is the first book in the series, and it is one of those rare books that … Continue reading

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Favorite Doggie Tales

After years of having both cats and dogs and loving both, I somehow became an avid dog lover. I still like cats, of course, I just don’t have one, but I cannot live without a beagle in my life. The … Continue reading

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100 Books You Can’t Live Without

As if the old Modern Library list of 100 Best Novels didn’t create enough of a stir with its oldy mouldy books noone could ever slog through…here is a list from 2007 (yes, not a new shiny list but…)of 100 … Continue reading

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On the Desk: Copier from Heck #3

Click to Enlarge! The Mark V Bushwhacker, like our own beloved copier, might just be TOO SMART. Many times there are too many options, and a customer starts pressing the wide array of buttons and exploring menu options, and you … Continue reading

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Humorous Authors for the Funny Times We Live In This list was inspired by a reference question. The customer wanted humor and he didn’t mind if it was fiction or non-fiction. He was up for anything! The Gilded Giraffe and I went back and forth with authors, and … Continue reading

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