On the Desk: Jodi Picoult

The hot writer this summer and most of this year has been Jodi Picoult. So many people have read all of her books and want more more more or they’ve read alot but want more more more. As prolific as Jodi Picoult is, often we have nothing at all by her on the shelf, and her books all have waiting lists. This is such a disappointment to the customer of course, and you can only hope it cheers them up to know she has another book in the works. Having a list of other authors in mind that Jodi’s readers might like helps as well.

Cheers! D.O.A.

Note: the cartoon is from Witty Comics Yet another fine online cartoon generator. I wish they had a few interior backgrounds, but I really like that you can have a longer main title than many allow, and you can caption each panel.

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