Would you believe…Thing 21 of 23?

The social networks in this Thing are a bit more focused and specialized.

Gather is aiming to be a sort of gathering place for “ideas type people”, perhaps. I joined the Minnesota Reader’s group and if I can get myself back in a reading mode (summer has me floating outside quite a bit), it would be nice to chat about books there. I saw film reviews on the main pages and I’d like to try my hand at those as well.

Webjunction This one focuses on library topics. It offers forum discussions, resources for varying interest groups, and online courses. I enjoyed the discussion “Boomer’s and up: what exactly *is* older” in the Library Services to Older Adults Community forums. The discussion revealed how ever changing “old” really is. RSS feeds are available in the Resources section.

Ning invites you to create your own social network. I did not sign up for this one but it looks like they give you the tools to create a basic website. Also, there must be many tools available for creating interactivity, possibly just the sort of thing known as “widgets” elsewhere. Ratski, I see I have to go in and create an account on Ning, for this Thing. Back soon…

Ok, I commented on Kalla’s page, put my brand new Librarian D.O.A. picture up, and with horrible difficulty I managed to get a cute little Ning widget, that proclaims me a member of the 23 Things on a Stick club.

So I am Ning-ed and complete on number 21. Two to go! Yes!

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