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On the Desk: Copier From Heck #2

Click to enlarge! Sometimes copier problems are the result of “Operator Error”. Someone beats on the machine, puts their copy kittywampus on the glass copy plate, puts no money in the coinbox or it drops through and they don’t notice. … Continue reading

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Novels that Bite for the Teen Crowd

Last week the teen librarian asked me if I could think of any teen vampire novels and, as often happens, the blank, empty skull syndrome hit. In anticipation of the publication of Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn novel in her Twilight … Continue reading

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On the Desk: Copier from Heck #1

Click to enlarge: It’s summertime and humid as anything. This is our theory concerning the copy machine and why it is having all sorts of odd malfunctions these days. Paper is getting stuck in the oddest places in the machine. … Continue reading

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On the Desk: Jodi Picoult

The hot writer this summer and most of this year has been Jodi Picoult. So many people have read all of her books and want more more more or they’ve read alot but want more more more. As prolific as … Continue reading

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The Banal Reader Reads: The Edge of Reason

The Banal Reader will be an ongoing series, that talks about books I read that I either have mixed feelings about or that I can’t recommend but would like to mention. The first book that fits the Banal Reader code … Continue reading

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I Link, Therefore I Am

I have been going bonkers trying to figure out how to make what I now know are called “clickable links”. I’m not someone who tries to learn every little detail of something new. There is only so much available file … Continue reading

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D.O.A. Recommends "An Expert Murder by Nicola Upson"

This was actually my first “D.O.A. Recommends” Toon, from Toonlet. No use wasting the effort of toon creation by not posting the cartoon here! I’m still reading the book. The sleuth is real life mystery author Josephine Tey (a pseudonym … Continue reading

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Tweaking the Bard, or, "It is the east, and Juliet is the Squirrel"

It is the east, and Juliet is the squirrel. Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from? Get your own quotes: This wondrous toy comes courtesy of the Floating Lush and LBCM. ( All you do is put a … Continue reading

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No longer Faceless on Facebook

Thanks to my co-worker, I have added a picture of my handsome husband (aka Mr. D.O.A) and I to my Facebook profile. Ms. Libba Bray, Cormier and me who we’ll call LCBM for short, had a wonderful set of photos … Continue reading

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One more cartoon…

Make sure you read this strip vertically, the left column first, then the right side column. You will need to click on the cartoon to enlarge it in order to read it, unless you have remarkable vision. This Comic Creator … Continue reading

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