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Thing 6: Fame and Fortune

Behold the highly collectible Librarian D.O.A Trading card. Onward! This could actually be used in alot of fun ways. I think I’ll tuck something like this into Hot Reads For Cold Nights sign up packets next year.

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Thing 5: Even More Flickr

The mashups and puzzlemakers were fun and ok, but I don’t plan to use any of them myself, and can’t see an application at the library where I’m helping somebody and I say….ooooohhhh did you know you can turn that … Continue reading

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Thing 4: Flickr-ing Images

I signed up for a Flickr account, luckily my Yahoo login worked. That helps alot.Uploading a photo was very simple. The simple photo editing tool could be fun and useful for photos that aren’t too over or under lighted. I … Continue reading

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Thing 3: RSS Feeds are sticky

I can see why RSS feeds are useful. You can get compilations of your favorite news and blog sites all in one tidy package. You can do the same by simply marking these in your browser Favorites, but the RSS … Continue reading

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Thing 2! Library 2.0: fact or fiction?

I like the basic idea behind Library 2.0, using web based technologies and tools to enhance and promote library services. Using any new tool is generally fun once you get the hang of it. I think it is just a … Continue reading

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23 Things: Thing 1

I’ve created this blog as Thing 1. Now to add an 8×10 glossy for an avatar. Adding an avatar is still Thing 1 though it is a second thing to do. Who counted the things?

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