DOA’s Valentine’s Wordfind Answer for the January 12th Puzzle

I hope you enjoyed the wordfind last week.  Here’s the answer key in case you missed any words.


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What’s Cooking January 15, 2020

I thought I’d share a few of recipes we like here at DOA central this week.

Chicken Quesadillas from Delish, are wonderful, and surprisingly filling.


I posted the recipe link for One Bowl Brownies before I had tried them, they are fantastic, melt in your mouth fudgy brownies, and very simple to make.  Try them!


Betty Crocker Loaded Potato Soup is something we save for special occasions.  It takes a lot of chopping, has a ton of ingredients, but it is one of the best soups you’ll ever make.


Corn on the cob is a fun addition to a meal, and cooking it in the oven makes for a simpler process and it’s delicious.


For a quick evening meal, try Chow Mein Noodle Casserole.


The only really good recipe for Tomato Soup I’ve found (I confess it has to taste like Campbell’s) is Creamy Tomato Soup from King Arthur Flour.  It’s a little thick, so perhaps add a little water to make it more soupy.


Mary’s Recipes

Mac & Cheese


Swedish Meatballs

Campbell’s Paprika Chicken with Sour Cream Gravy


Beef & Broccoli


Shrimp Scampi   (Unless there are more in the box, the only fish recipe you’ll ever see here.)


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Sunday Puzzles: A Valentine’s Wordfind

Hello! It was either a Winter theme this week or a Valentine’s theme.  My ace wordfinder requested Valentine’s, so here is a bit of romance ahead of the date.

DOA Valentines Wordfind

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DOAs Secret Code Puzzle Answer

I hope you enjoyed the new puzzle type.  I thought it was a good exercise of visual skills.   Short quotes are good.

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DOA In The Garden Gets A New Home

After much pondering, I’ve given DOA In The Garden it’s own blog page.  I used to have a garden blog called The Garden Rat.  Isn’t DOA in the Garden so much more snuggly?

I’m still setting up the sidebars, but I’m getting some posts out.  Time to dream.

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Of the few new shows I’ve watched this season, Emergence is probably my favorite.   The mix of science fiction, mystery, and thriller with a solid core of family and friends working together makes this a special series.

The story centers around Police Chief Jo Evans, who is called to the scene of a plane crash.  Nearby, she finds a little girl who may or may not have been on the plane, and who has little memory.   The bond between them is instant, and Jo is very protective of this little girl.

She takes the girl she calls Piper into her home to protect her from a series of shady characters who claim to be her parents, or who clearly want to claim the child and take her away.

None of it makes sense, and then Piper seems to have some telekinetic abilities to make things more complicated.  Safe for the time being in Jo’s home, she quickly becomes a part of the family, bonding with Jo’s daughter  Mia, and her father Ed Sawyer.  Slowly over time Jo’s ex-husband Alex also comes to love the little girl.

Completing the protective circle around the child is Chris Minetto, part of Jo’s police team, and Benny, a journalist who has been working to expose a wealthy tech giant and who is drawn also to Piper and her story,  Doctor Abby Fraiser and FBI agent Ryan Brooks.   This is a great ensemble cast.

Over the course of the season, it appears Piper is more AI than little girl, though that doesn’t explain her growing powers or the ever changing troupe of bad guys trying to get her away from Jo and family.

Just before the fall break, it was revealed Benny seems to be an AI or whatever these folks actually are.  Piper isn’t a solo experiment as it seemed she was, there are more like her, and it appears they’ve been around for at least fifteen years, living among us as they always say in science fiction.

In the episode this week, “15 Years” Jo and company track Piper and Benny down only to have Piper say she needs to stay with Benny and new threat Helen, she has to help them.   She locks Jo in a horsebarn with a tip of her head, gets in a car with Benny and Helen and races away.

Oh nooeees!   There are only three episodes left of the season, and perhaps the series.   This is one of those things where you kind of hate watching new shows and getting attached to the story and characters, and then it’s all over.

I hope they end the season with Piper back home and any other details aren’t even important, just get this little girl back with the people she loves, and who love her.  If she is indeed an emerging AI, it is her love of those folks and their returned love that is allowing her to grow and change, for the good.

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Manifest: Fasten Your Seatbelts

Last season’s Manifest finale left us with Michaela entering her apartment, where ex-boyfriend Jared and new cohort Zeke are fighting.  There’s a gunshot, and we think one of the men is dead or injured.

Michaela is the one wounded though, shot in the stomach near an artery requiring emergency surgery.

While suffering the consequences of the shot, Michaela finds herself back on flight 808.  The scenario is different this time.  The plane is in a nose dive, and she desperately tells Ben and his son Cal “Why are we back on 828?  It didn’t happen this way, what’s going on?”  “Save the passengers”, says enigmatic Cal.

The season is off to a running start with Ben more determined than ever to find and make safe all the passengers her can.   Behind this is his hope to somehow change Cal’s vision that has them all dying five years exactly from when they disappeared.

Zeke, full of guilt because it was his gun that wounded Michaela, turns himself in to the police.  Not before Cal has visited him, letting him know he also has only a short span of life left.

Michaela for her part shuts Jared out and blames his jealous obsession with Zeke for her shooting.  She leaves the hospital early, and is in obvious pain, as she’s holding her side much of the episode.  I could be wrong, but it seemed to me she was holding different sides of her stomach in different scenes.  Continuity error 101.

A strange van lurks outside of some survivor’s houses, and eventually Ben sees it outside his own house.  Paranoid it is one of the growing number of activists against the returnees, he runs over to confront the van driver, only to have a hood tossed over his head, then he’s stuffed in the van as it drives off.   The hood is removed, and he’s greeted by Vance, who died in an explosion last season “You’re not the only one who can return from the dead!”

I love the way the show continues to add mysteries and conspiracies, tempered with the very human stories of people who disappeared and return to a very changed life.


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